Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities: Pre-Service Preparation and Continuing Education

The purpose of the pre-service training core function is to educate trainees and prepare professionals to work in the disability field. The training provides experiences that promote evidence-based practice and   positive outcomes in attitudes, access, and inclusion for all people with disabilities. In response to identified training needs in the state, the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD) develops and delivers university-level programs and coursework, offers trainings to educational professionals needing further expertise in disability-related topics.  Collaborations include Kennedy Krieger Institute, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the MD State Developmental Disabilities Network, colleges and universities, and local and state agencies to expand and leverage training opportunities.

Through these parterships the MCDD creates internship placements, interdisciplinary trainings and educational programs for undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral, certificate level trainees, and professional staff of all disciplines.  These experiences ensure that participants gain valuable knowledge and skills in public health disability related areas. These experiences will focus on one or more of the MCDD’s core functions: pre-service and professional training, community service, research & evaluation, and information dissemination.

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