The 36th Spectrum of Developmental Disabilities Conference

Mar 17 2014 - 8:00am - Mar 19 2014 - 5:00pm

Intellectual Disability: At the Precipice

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Turner Auditorium
720 Rutland Ave. 
Baltimore, MD 21205


Intellectual disability is a chronic, life-long disorder that has major public health implications. Since the 1970s people with intellectual disability have entered the mainstream of society and served in community programs. Intellectual disability and developmental delay is the second most common reason for provision of special education services in the US. The breadth of the issues relating to intellectual disability are well suited for the interdisciplinary focus of the Spectrum of Developmental Disabilities and its targeted audience-- healthcare practitioners, educators and social workers. 

After attending this activity, the participant will demonstrate the ability to:

  • List three current challenges confronting people with intellectual disability.
  • Choose appropriate genetic testing to evaluate the child who presents with intellectual disability.
  • Discuss the rationale for targeted pharmacotherapy of intellectual disability.
  • Define and discuss the need for adaptive behavior in the diagnosis of intellectual disability.
  • Analyze the benefits and challenges associated with inclusive education for intellectual disability.
  • Name three epileptic syndromes associated with intellectual disability and list their clinical features and identify the preferred agents for their treatment.
  • Evaluate current intervention strategies in light of lessons learned from older people with intellectual disability.

Activity Director:

Bruce Shapiro, M.D.
Arnold J. Capute MD, MPH Chair in
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Professor of Pediatrics
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Vice President of Training
Kennedy Krieger Institute

Registration fee for physicians, residents, fellows and other healthcare professionals is $535. 


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