In the News Archive

Jul 15 2013
A new online video autism tutorial from Kennedy Krieger can help parents recognize the early signs of autism.
Jul 1 2013
Kennedy Krieger art therapist Stacey Nelson shares the many ways art therapy can benefit children with ADHD and other learning difficulties.
Jun 5 2013
Kennedy Krieger research shows that nearly one-third of children with autism also have ADHD.
May 29 2013
A television segment spotlights our Center for Autism’s initiative to provide free developmental assessments to baby siblings most at risk of developing autism.
May 17 2013
An article spotlights a Kennedy Krieger research team that found the genetic cause of Sturge-Weber syndrome and port-wine birthmarks.
May 1 2013
A full-page story on Pat Rummerfield highlights his role as patient liaison in our own International Center for Spinal Cord Injury, his recent autobiography and his receipt of the Henry Viscardi Achievement Award.
May 1 2013
Dr. Stacy Suskauer offers insights on new developments in the diagnosis and treatment of concussions in young people.
Apr 6 2013
Dr. Paul Law discusses our Interactive Autism Network’s research findings on children with autism who wander from safe places.
Apr 4 2013
Dr. John McDonald discusses his team's recent study finding that functional electrical stimulation cycling leads to physical and neurological improvements in an article highlighting several rehabilitation approaches.
Apr 4 2013
Kennedy Krieger’s inpatients benefit from animal-assisted therapy during intensive rehabilitation.
Mar 1 2013
A patient of our International Center for Spinal Cord Injury (ICSCI) appeared as a guest on Katie Couric’s national daytime talk show, “Katie.” She spoke of how intensive therapy at Kennedy Krieger’s ICSCI made it possible for her to walk down the aisle on her recent wedding day.
Jan 29 2013
Students in on our High School’s own Café James shared their sweet potato and turkey chili recipe, along with plans for other Ravens-themed treats as Baltimore prepared for the big game.
Nov 29 2012
An hour-long special on Darius Weems’ life with muscular dystrophy included an interview with our own Dr. Kathryn Wagner, who is studying an innovative heart treatment for young men with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Nov 29 2012
Kennedy Krieger’s largest annual fundraising event, Festival of Trees, is named one of the ten best places across the nation to get into the holiday spirit.
Oct 16 2012
Researchers in our International Center for Spinal Cord Injury are using a virtual sailing regimen to introduce individuals with spinal cord injuries to the world of adaptive sailing.
Oct 13 2012
Nine Kennedy Krieger patients and numerous staff formed the Institute’s inaugural team for the Baltimore Running Festival.
Oct 10 2012
Dr. Jennifer Reesman offers advice to parents on “playing it safe” when it comes to head injuries and sports.
Oct 8 2012
Dr. Paul Law shares findings our Interactive Autism Network’s new research findings on children with autism who wander from safe places.
Oct 1 2012
A patient sets out to overcome his paralysis and walk the 5K for Team Kennedy Krieger in the 2012 Baltimore Running Festival.
Sep 26 2012
Dr. Jennifer Reesman shares insights on concussion in collegiate sports
Sep 24 2012
A Baltimore family shares their story of raising a son with Down syndrome, and their long-standing support of the annual BWI Run/Walk fundraising event for Kennedy Krieger’s Down Syndrome Program
Aug 31 2012
Dr. Rebecca Landa shares details about Kennedy Krieger’s autism early intervention program in an article on the nation’s top hospitals for autism treatment.
Aug 15 2012
Dr. Mark Mahone offers advice on recognizing the early signs of ADHD risk in preschool-age children.
Jul 23 2012
Kennedy Krieger’s Camp SOAR brings together patients and their siblings for a summer adventure camp
Jun 5 2012
Kennedy Krieger researchers identify technique that can impact walking patterns – a promising finding for rehabilitation after stroke