News from 2005

Dec 9 2005
Center Provides Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Disease Causing Seizures, Motor and Visual Problems and Cognitive Impairment in Children
Nov 10 2005
Largest Holiday Themed Event in the Mid-Atlantic Overflows with Fun Events and Activities for the Entire Family
Sep 26 2005
Kennedy Krieger Institute to Host Autism Conference to Educate Both Parents and Medical Community
Sep 15 2005
Through a partnership between the Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Enoch Pratt Free Library, this exhibit explores the world of the famed artist, inventor, architect and scientist through books.
Jul 11 2005
Treatment Prevents Symptoms for Majority of Young Boys with Adrenoleukodystrophy, ALD
Jul 8 2005
Juliette Rizzo, Ms. Wheelchair America, empowers Americans with disabilities by sharing her experiences
Jun 14 2005
Dr. John McDonald, Lead Neurologist to Late Actor Christopher Reeve, to Spearhead Novel Rehabilitation Therapy for Chronic Injuries and Paralysis
Mar 15 2005
Families are Invited to Learn More About Foster Care for Children with Special Needs
Feb 14 2005
NBC Today Show and Newsweek to highlight autism
Feb 1 2005
Down Syndrome Experts Tackle Education, Transition, Feeding and other issues
Jan 25 2005
Annual Block Kids event combines learning construction trade and building competition