Michael Bender, Ph.D.

Michael Bender
Michael Bender
Vice President, Educational Programs and Legislative Affairs

Kennedy Krieger Institute
707 N. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: (443) 923-4502
E-mail: bender@kennedykrieger.org

Michael Bender is the vice president of educational programs and legislative affairs at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. He is also a professor of education, with a joint appointment, in pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University and School of Medicine. Dr. Bender specializes in curriculum development for individuals with disabilities.

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Bender graduated from a State Teacher's College in Massachusetts in 1966 with a bachelor's of science in education. He received his master's and doctorate degrees in special and industrial education from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1969 and 1971, respectively. While at the University of Maryland, he was a doctoral fellow of the United States Office of Education and taught undergraduate students. He also has been a public school teacher in Massachusetts and Maryland, and for the past 30 years has been on the faculty of the Johns Hopkins University. In the later capacity, he is a member of the Universities Academic Council, Promotions Committee and the Johns Hopkins Council on K-12 Education.

Dr. Bender has served on numerous community boards of directors. He has been appointed by the Governor of Maryland to chair the State Interagency Coordinating Council for Infants and Toddlers, and has been a Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation Scholar, a consultant to the United States Office of Education and a consultant to Sweden and Spain in the area of developmental disabilities.

Research Summary:

Dr. Bender has served as an editor on the editorial board of numerous journals, such as The Journal of Learning Disabilities and Brain Injury, and has published, authored or co-authored 30 books and more than 80 papers addressing the needs of individuals with disabilities. He is the co-author of the four-volume series, A Functional Curriculum for Teaching Students with Disabilities, which has continued to be the leading curriculum text in special education for over 25 years. Most recently, he has developed booklets for parents that address the needs of children with learning disabilities and medical problems.