Your Child's Safety

Your child's health and safety is of the greatest importance to us. We want you to have all the information you need in order to ensure your child's safety during his or her hospital stay and to allow us to provide high-quality care. We encourage you to take an active role in your child's health care and to talk with your child's nurse about ways to keep him or her safe. Please follow hospital rules regarding patient care, conduct, and safety, and please respect the rights of other patients and hospital personnel.

Here are a few ways we can work together.

  • Your child's ID band should be on his or her arm or leg at all times.
  • Please sign the logbook located a the nurse's station, and inform your child's nurse before leaving and upon returning to the unit.
  • Staff members should always check your child's ID band before any procedures or administering medications. Talk to your child's treatment team and familiarize yourself with his or her medication schedule and medical equipment.
  • Make sure that everyone washes their hands before any contact with your child.
  • Prevent injuries and falls by:
    • Keeping your child's bed rails up at all times when he or she is in a bed or crib
    • Making sure wheelchair brakes are locked when transferring patients and when patients are stationary
    • Assuring side rails on occupied stretchers are in an upright position
  • Please follow the treatment plan recommended for your child by the medical team and request clarification about anything that seems unclear.
  • If you have any concerns about your child's safety, please contact the Nurse Manager at (443) 923-9433.