For Your Convenience

Cell Phones: Cell phone use is allowed within the Institute, but is discouraged in therapy areas, including the Therapy Center and Feeding Playroom, or during therapy sessions, without the approval of the therapist or supervising staff. Kennedy Krieger cannot store your cell phone and is not responsible for those lost or damaged.

Gifts: Flowers and Mylar silver foil balloons are permitted in all patient rooms. Because the hospital is latex-free, latex balloons are not permittted. Please ask your child's nurse if your child's diet permits food and beverages as gifts. A gift shop and florist are located in the lobby of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, near the Wolfe Street entrance.

Bruegger's Cafe: Located on the second floor of our Outpatient Center at 801 North Broadway, Bruegger's offers fresh-baked breads, soups, and sandwiches, along with coffee, desserts, and more. Open from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, Bruegger's also offers delivery as well as grab-and-go locations around campus.

Laundry: A laundry room equipped with washers and dryers is available for parents and inpatients to use at no charge, near the lobby of Kennedy Krieger's 707 North Broadway location. Detergent is free and may be picked up at the nursing station. A staff member at the lobby security desk can direct you to the laundry room.

Newspapers: Newspaper boxes are located in the hallway connecting the lobby of Kennedy Krieger's 707 North Broadway building to the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Parking: Families and visitors may park in the Kennedy Krieger parking garage for free, with a validated parking ticket from the front security desk at 707 North Broadway. To enter the garage, pass the Institute main entrance on Broadway, cross Madison Street, turn right onto Ashland Avenue, and turn into the garage.

Places of Worship: The Social Work Department maintains a list of resources about religious services and clergy for various faiths. Social work staff will help patients and families access these services upon request.

Postal and Bank Center: An M&T Bank ATM is located in the lobby of Kennedy Krieger's 707 North Broadway building. There is also a SunTrust ATM located on the second floor of our Outpatient Center at 801 North Broadway, near the vending machines. A self-service postal center and two Bank of America ATMs are located opposite the gift shop in the Johns Hopkins Hospital lobby.

Hearing Services: Parents who are deaf or hard-of-hearing may call Kennedy Krieger on our text telephone (TTY) at (443) 923-2645. Alternatively, any individual therapist or physician may be called directly by using the Maryland Relay services by calling 711 or visiting

Sign Language and Foreign Language Interpreters: Free interpreter services for foreign languages or sign language can be arranged as needed for medical and therapy sessions. Please let us know if you will need an interpreter.

Wireless Internet: Wireless internet services are available throughout most of Kennedy Krieger's Broadway campus. We provide security controls to prevent access to web sites the Institute deems inappropriate. If you have trouble logging on, call our Help Desk at (443) 923-4357. The Institute is not responsible for storing personal computers or for costs associated with loss or damages. There are computers for parents' use in the parent lounge.

Vending Machines: Assorted vending machines and a microwave oven are located in the 707 North Broadway lobby and near Bruegger's Cafe at the Outpatient Center.