For Your Safety and Security

Kennedy Krieger's patient safety program is committed to ensuring your child's safety and well-being during his or her stay in the hospital. For the program to be successful, we need you to be a partner in your child's care by being fully informed and actively involved. If you have a patient care or safety concern, you are encouraged to contact the nurse manager at (443) 923-9312 or security director at (443) 923-9111. If you still feel your concern has not been addressed, you can contact the Joint Commission at or (800) 994-6610.

Important Security Tips:

  • Please provide an updated list to the nursing staff of those people allowed to visit your child.
  • Help eliminate the opportunity for crime. Do not bring unnecessary valuables to the hospital.
  • Be sure to report anyone not wearing an ID or visitor's badge to nursing or security.
  • When parking in the garage, be sure to lock your vehicle and remove valuable from the view of others.

For Your Privacy:

Over the course of a child's admission to Kennedy Krieger Institute, parents may be exposed to information concerning other patients. We ask parents to keep this information confidential. In accordance with health care regulations to protect the privacy of all patients, families, and staff, taking photographs of anyone other than your child is not permitted without proper authorization. If you feel your confidentiality has been violated in any way, please contact the office of compliance at (443) 923-1843.