What to Bring and Do

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow for adequate registration time. On the day of your appointment, you should take all medicines as prescribed unless otherwise directed. Please bring:

  • Health insurance cards and a photo ID
  • Your primary care physician's name, address, and phone number
  • The patient's school name, address, and phone number
  • Any assistive or adaptive equipment currently being used (i.e., glasses, hearing aids, braces, canes, walker, etc.)
  • Updated or recent medical records
  • List of current medications and dosage
  • Completed questionnaires that you may have received before your visit

For patients younger than 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign all consent forms for treatment. If you are not the parent, you must provide legal documentation of custody. If a legal guardian is unavailable, please call ahead and arrange to complete the forms before your visit. Appointments cannot begin without signed consent.

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