Physical Therapy Predoctoral Training

The Kennedy Krieger Institute Department of Physical Therapy offers clinical placement for students currently pursuing a graduate level degree in physical therapy. These placements typically occur in the student’s final year to obtain clinical experience. The length of the affiliation is determined by the student’s university but typically lasts between eight to twelve weeks. 

Placements can occur at any of the Kennedy Krieger Institute’s physical sites and programs where the appropriate supervision is available. These can include inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, and the Kennedy Krieger Schools. Physical therapists at Kennedy Krieger Institute evaluate and treat children and adults with brain, spinal cord and musculoskeletal related disorders. The student physical therapist will share a caseload with their supervising therapist. All physical therapists within Kennedy Krieger Institute are licensed by the state of Maryland.

Training Opportunities

Depending on the site the student is placed there are a variety of weekly training opportunities available. These include daily patient and family contact, staff meetings, in-service training, clinical rounds, and interdisciplinary training. Physical therapy students are also able to gain exposure to other sites such as Child and Family Support, Parent and Children Together, and Community Rehab as well as medical clinics.  

Application Guidelines

Prior to beginning a graduate level placement in physical therapy a contract must be in place between Kennedy Krieger Institute and the student’s university. Graduate students interested in considering a placement in physical therapy department should have the Clinical Education Coordinator for their university contact Patricia Turlington at for more information.