Aicardi syndrome mimicking intrauterine hydrocephalus.

TitleAicardi syndrome mimicking intrauterine hydrocephalus.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMuthugovindan D, Kossoff EH, Sakonju A, Johnston MV
JournalBrain & development
Date Published2009 Sep

Congenital enlargement of the cerebral ventricles is now commonly recognized in utero due to the availability of high resolution prenatal ultrasonography. It is important to distinguish between congenital hydrocephalus and ventricular enlargement due to malformations, infections or other destructive processes because these disorders can have markedly different prognoses. We report an infant diagnosed with Aicardi syndrome in the newborn period based on brain MRI and ophthalmological findings after she was referred for evaluation of hydrocephalus seen on fetal ultrasound. Aicardi syndrome most commonly comes to medical attention because of seizures later in infancy.

Alternate JournalBrain Dev.