Inter- and intra-observer concordance of cyberpathology in twenty-five cases.

TitleInter- and intra-observer concordance of cyberpathology in twenty-five cases.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsTong TR, Lee K-C, Chan OW-H, Au K-L, Tsui WM-S, Learmonth GM, Leung KY-W, Wong CS-N, Lam JP-M
JournalInternational journal of biomedical science : IJBS
Date Published2008 Mar

To study the feasibility of anatomical pathology consultation in cyberspace (cyberpathology) and to determine inter- and intra-observer concordance. Twenty-five consecutive cytology and histopathology cases are photographed using a digital camera placed against the eyepiece, and uploaded to an image-server in the Internet. Participants view the images, rate their confidence, and provide a diagnosis. They then view the original glass slides and provide a final diagnosis. The diagnoses are compared for inter- and intra-observer concordance. Participants are confident of their diagnoses based on viewing images on the Internet. The intra-observer concordance exceeds 95% individually, and 96% overall. Inter-observer concordance was 100% in a subset of cases. Cyberpathology as described is both available and affordable and is a valid alternative to slide-based anatomic pathology consultation.

Alternate JournalInt J Biomed Sci