Psychoneuroses among first admissions to psychiatric facilities in Ohio: 1958-1961.

TitlePsychoneuroses among first admissions to psychiatric facilities in Ohio: 1958-1961.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1966
AuthorsDuvall HJ, Locke BZ, Kramer M
JournalCommunity mental health journal
Date Published1966 Sep

The increase in psychoneurotic admissions to mental health facilities in the nation as well as the preponderance of such cases in existing community oriented facilities prompted the examination of the socioeconomic characteristics of such patients admitted to the mental health facilities in Ohio.Results showed higher admission rates for: (a) metropolitan residents than nonmetropolitan residents; (b) females than males; (c) whites than nonwhites; (d) females not employed than those of all occupational categories except laborers; (e) laborers followed by managerial and professional workers than any other occupational category; (f) married females than single females, the highest rates, for both sexes, occurring for the divorced and separated. Implications of these findings as they relate to the present community mental health approach are discussed.

Alternate JournalCommunity Ment Health J