[Stents valves for percutaneous valve replacement].

Title[Stents valves for percutaneous valve replacement].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
Authorsvon Segesser LK, Kang KS, Di Bernardo S, Hurni M, Sekarski N, Marty B, Tozzi P
JournalRevue médicale suisse
Date Published2008 Mar 26

Stents have a long history in traditional valve surgery as both, porcine biological valves as well as pericardial valves are mounted on stents prior to implantation. Recently stent-mounted biological devices have been compressed up to the point, where they can be passed through a catheter. Various routes can be distinguished for implantation: open access, the trans-vascular route in antegrade or retrograde fashion, as well as direct trans-apical or trans-atrial access. Direct access has the potentialforvideo-endoscopic valve replacement. In theory, as well as in the experimental setting, valved stents have been implanted in tricuspid and caval position respectively, as well as in pulmonary, mitral and aortic locations. The largest clinical experience has been achieved in pulmonary position whereas current efforts target the aortic position.

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