Kennedy Krieger Family Center - Integrated Trauma Approaches

Principal Investigator: Harolyn Belcher

The goals of the Kennedy Krieger Family Center Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) are to:

  1. Evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of evidence-based treatment protocols, endorsed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, that specifically address improving emotional and behavioral dysregulation in the initial phase of treatment to be used for children with co-morbid intrauterine drug exposure and adverse childhood experiences (CHERISH Program);
  2. Evaluate outcomes of clinical practice plans and the Kennedy Krieger Family Center Domain Evaluation Scale (KKFC-DES) designed for chronically traumatized children in, or at risk for out-of-home placement; and
  3. Improve access to services, increase knowledge base of mental health providers on effective treatment strategies and other provider sectors on trauma-informed service delivery, and disseminate findings.