Evaluations of Teacher Training Procedures

Principal Investigator: SungWoo Kahng

Teachers and staff members responsible for teaching individuals with intellectual disabilities new skills typically receive training from the supervisors within their organization. A variety of staff training procedures are currently used in practice and have been empirically validated in peer reviewed journals. Additional research is needed to determine which methods are the most efficient and effective for training staff to provide instruction to individuals with intellectual disabilities. We hypothesize that systematic evaluations of staff training procedures will determine the best ways to train teachers to teach individuals with intellectual disabilities new skills. Also, training staff and teachers to provide effective instruction may have an impact on levels of student engagement and disruptive behavior in instructional contexts. Although this study is consistent with standard Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement practices of our staff training procedures, we plan to disseminate the results. General practice in staff training may become easier and more efficient as a result of this research.