Research Publications

Kennedy Krieger’s scientists and researchers are leaders in the worldwide effort to prevent and treat disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and musculoskeletal system. Learn about our innovative research initiatives and latest findings through our faculty research publications, Research Frontiers articles, and research press releases.

Research Frontiers

Dec 2 2014
How brain stimulation post-injury can affect learning and recovery
Aug 1 2014
How soon should kids return to play after sustaining a concussion? Are they now more vulnerable to future injury or long-term effects on memory, mood, or behavior?
Nov 13 2013
Researchers at Kennedy Krieger recently announced the groundbreaking discovery of the genetic mutation that causes Sturge-Weber syndrome and port-wine stain birthmarks.

Research Updates

Feb 4 2014
Dr. Paul Lipkin to lead national online autism registry and research enterprise
Nov 20 2013
Kennedy Krieger Institute researchers find therapeutic benefits of virtual sailing