Neurobehavioral Research Unit (NBRU)

neurobehavioral research unit nbru neurobehavioral-research-unit-nbru

7th Annual Neuropsychology Research Forum - The 2013 Lynn Speedie Lectureship

Apr 1 2013 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Outpatient Clinical Building
Kennedy Krieger Institute
801 North Broadway, Room 202
Baltimore, MD

About The Event:

Kennedy Krieger Institute is proud to present the 2013 Lynn Speedie Lectureship in conjunction with the 7th Annual Neuropsychology Research Forum. Dr. Maureen Dennis, PhD will present the keynote address for the forum followed by a poster session.

Keynote Address: “Plasticity, Homeostasis and Age in Childhood Brain Disorders”

3:30pm - Keynote Address

Neurobehavioral Research Unit (NBRU)

The Neurobehavioral Research Unit (NBRU), located at Kennedy Krieger Institute, is one of four research units of the Johns Hopkins General Clinical Research Center (GCRC). The GCRC program was established in 1960 to create and sustain specialized institutional resources in which clinical investigators can observe and study human physiology, as well as study and treat disease with innovative approaches.

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