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ABC7: Protect Our Children

April 6, 2013
Dr. Paul Law discusses our Interactive Autism Network’s research findings on children with autism who wander from safe places.

Dr. Paul Law, co-author of a recent study by the Kennedy Krieger Institute, speaks to a phenomenon known as wandering. Alison Singer, Co-Founder & President of the Autism Science Foundation describes her own experiences with her 15 year old daughter and how more than 49% of autistic children have been put at risk by this behavior.
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Interactive Autism Network: Accelerating the Pace of Autism Research

IAN ResearchEvery day, researchers from around the world are seeking answers to a myriad of questions about autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and looking for insight into causes and treatments. When one in every 100 children will receive a diagnosis of autism each year, the need for research to move ahead is urgent.

Research Frontiers: Piecing Together the Mystery of Autism

Kennedy Krieger takes a multifaceted approach to investigating this complex disorder

The Maloni BoysMore than 25,000 children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders this year a number greater than AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined yet so many aspects of the disorder remain a mystery. Is its cause genetic, environmental, or some combination of factors? Are dietary changes and drugs the best hope for treatment, or should the focus remain solely on behavioral interventions?

80 Percent Autism Divorce Rate Debunked in First-Of-Its Kind Scientific Study

May 19, 2010
Kennedy Krieger researchers find autism does not affect family structure

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Having a child with autism can put stress on the parents' marriage, and a frequently cited statistic leads to a common perception that the divorce rate among these families is as high as 80 percent. But a study to be released at a news conference today by researchers from Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore found that a child's autism has no effect on the family structure.

Kennedy Krieger Institute's Autism Campaign Receives National Acclaim

September 15, 2008
Ad Council Endorses Public Service Campaign for First National Autism Registry

(Baltimore, MD) Kennedy Krieger Institute announced today the launch of a new, national public service campaign to promote the Interactive Autism Network (known as the IAN Project), a web initiative funded by Autism Speaks. The campaign, which educates viewers on how the IAN Project is accelerating the pace of autism research by encouraging parents of children with autism to enroll, received a prestigious national endorsement from the Ad Council, a distinction awarded to independently produced public service announcements (PSAs).

First National Autism Registry Shows Notable Impact On Autism Research in Opening Year

March 31, 2008
IAN Project facilitates opportunities for parents of children with autism and researchers to connect

Read One-Year IAN Anniversary Update
Watch IAN Parent Video - "If I Could Do One Thing"

(Baltimore, MD) On April 2, the Kennedy Krieger Institute will commemorate World Autism Awareness Day and National Autism Awareness Month with the one-year anniversary of the Interactive Autism Network (IAN), the first national autism registry.

IAN Update on May 11, 2007

May 11, 2007
One Month After Launch, Interactive Autism Network Reports 13,000 Registered Participants Eager to Accelerate Autism Research

(Baltimore, MD)-The Interactive Autism Network (IAN)-the first national online autism registry spearheaded by the Kennedy Krieger Institute-has registered an unprecedented number of individuals and families living with autism. Never before have researchers been offered access to such a large pool of family-provided data on this puzzling disorder. In only one month, IAN ( has achieved significant milestones:

Kennedy Krieger Institute Launches First National Online Autism Registry

April 2, 2007
The Interactive Autism Network to Accelerate Autism Research by Linking Researchers and Families Nationwide

Kennedy Krieger Institute today announced the launch of the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) - the first national online autism registry - at Parents are filled with questions about autism, and, unfortunately, researchers are still struggling with many of the same questions. IAN brings these two groups together in a way that's never been done before, through an online registry, to find answers.

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