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Kennedy Krieger Institute's Down Syndrome Clinic Celebrates 20 Years

July 23, 2010
The event took place in the new Outpatient Center at 801 N. Broadway, overlooking the therapy garden.

On Friday, June 25 patients, families and staff joined Dr. George Capone to celebrate 20 years of achievements of the Down Syndrome Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute. The event took place in the new Outpatient Center at 801 N. Broadway, overlooking the therapy garden. Guests listened as Dr. Capone, Institute President & CEO Dr. Gary Goldstein, patients and staff shared stories and offered thanks for the decades of dedication found among the attendees.

Gross Motor Development in Children With Down Syndrome & Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Clinic Observations

by Patricia C. Winders, PT

As a part of my work at Kennedy Krieger Institute's Down Syndrome Clinic, I have seen 17 children with Down syndrome and autistic spectrum disorder (DS-ASD). Of these 17, I only saw eight enough to observe their gross motor development. The others ranged in age from 4.5 to 16 years. I have noticed some similarities among the children I have seen, but because there are so few, I am not certain these observations are true for all children with DS-ASD.

Dual Diagnoses: the Importance of Diagnosis and Treatment

by Bonnie Patterson, MD

In the past, it was thought children with Down syndrome who exhibited autistic behaviors were simply exhibiting these behaviors secondary to severe or profound retardation. We now realize children with Down syndrome can also have true autism spectrum disorder and that this occurrence is not rare. Little has been written regarding the dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autistic spectrum disorder (DS-ASD), and currently only 12 cases are reported in the medical literature.

Disability Solutions

Special Issue Articles on Down Syndrome & Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Disability Solutions -- A Resource for Families and Others Interested in Down Syndrome and Related Disabilities is a publication issued by the Enoch-Gelbard Foundation, a non-profit, independent, private foundation.

Disability Solutions: Volume 3, Issues 5-6:

More Than Down Syndrome: A Parent's View -- Joan E. Guthrie Medlen

Introduction to The Down Syndrome Clinic

Clinical Program:

Children with Down Syndrome are children first, each child a unique person with individual strengths. The Down Syndrome Clinic is committed to working with you to help your child reach his or her full developmental potential and function as independently as possible in all aspects of family, school and community life.

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