Acquired Brain Injury and Environmental Brain Disorders

acquired brain injury and environmental brain disorders acquired-brain-injury-and-environmental-brain-disorders

7th Annual Neuropsychology Research Forum - The 2013 Lynn Speedie Lectureship

Apr 1 2013 - 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Outpatient Clinical Building
Kennedy Krieger Institute
801 North Broadway, Room 202
Baltimore, MD

About The Event:

Kennedy Krieger Institute is proud to present the 2013 Lynn Speedie Lectureship in conjunction with the 7th Annual Neuropsychology Research Forum. Dr. Maureen Dennis, PhD will present the keynote address for the forum followed by a poster session.

Keynote Address: “Plasticity, Homeostasis and Age in Childhood Brain Disorders”

3:30pm - Keynote Address

Bringing Back Matthew

by Kristina
November 2, 2012
After surviving a horrific car crash, Matthew Slattery defied expectations in his recovery from traumatic brain injury.

In an instant, the Slattery family was shattered.

Susan Slattery and her two sons, Matthew and Peter, were on their way home from visiting family in Ohio on a sunny August day in 2010 when tragedy struck. A truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, barreling into Susan Slattery’s car and pushing it under a tractor trailer, killing her and critically injuring 12-year-old Matthew and 16-year-old Peter. Peter fractured his pelvis and eye socket, while Matthew suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, losing 80 percent of his blood.

Brain Injury Research: Traumatic Brain Injury, Acquired Brain Injury and Environmental Brain Disorders

Acquired Brain Injury is one the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in children. It can be secondary to trauma, strokes, tumors, infections, metabolic insults, environmental insults and other causes. These injuries commonly result in childhood neurodevelopmental disabilities, resulting in impairments of cognition, language, behavior and motor abilities.

The Institute's brain injury research programs include both basic science research and clinical research, with scientists in both areas regularly collaborating with each other.

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