Pediatric Psychology Clinic

Finding Their Comfort Zone

Kennedy Krieger's Pediatric Psychology Clinic Helps Calm Children's Fears of Medical Procedures by Teaching Them What to Expect, What to Do, and How to Relax

Sam SpringLast year, 5-year-old Samuel Spring came to Kennedy Krieger Institute for evaluation of autism. The genetic and metabolic tests he was to undergo required giving a blood sample. When the nurse tried to tie the tourniquet around his arm in preparation for the needle stick, Sam began to cry and break away. His behavior made it difficult for the nurse to draw his blood.

Research Briefs: Current Research Studies

Does Your Child Try to Hurt Him or Herself?

Some children bang their heads, hit themselves, pull their hair, or do other things that look like they are trying to hurt themselves. Usually these behaviors go away, but they could be a sign of a serious behavior disorder known as self-injury. Kennedy Krieger researchers are conducting a study to learn why these behaviors continue for some children and go away for others. They wish to develop prevention and early intervention programs to limit self-injury.

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