Moser Center for Leukodystrophies at Kennedy Krieger Institute

Moser Center for Leukodystrophies Launched

August 1, 2014
New center offers comprehensive treatment, research, and hope for patients with debilitating neurological disorders.
Dr. Hugo MoserHugo W. Moser

Moser Center for Leukodystrophies

New Center’s Innovative Model Provides Comprehensive Care for Patients and Families

For more than 30 years, Kennedy Krieger Institute has been globally recognized as an authority on the study and care for patients diagnosed with a wide range of leukodystophies. This international reputation is thanks to the lasting legacy of the late Dr. Hugo W. Moser, one of the world’s foremost leader in the field of leukodystrophies. Dr.

Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD)

To find patient care programs and faculty treating adrenoleukodystrophy at Kennedy Krieger Institute, as well as research investigating this disorder, please see the right-hand column below. Additional helpful information, including definitions, symptoms, Institute press releases, Potential magazine articles, and other resources outside the Institute, have also been provided for readers on this page.

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