Pervasive developmental Disorders

Shooting Star

Kennedy Krieger High School student with autism secures dream internship with NASA

Abby ReznekThere's just something about the solar system that fascinates me. It started when I was about five years old. I couldn't get enough of books and computer programs about planets, moons, and stars. I was even interested in model rockets because, in life-size form, they created a path to the great Milky Way.

Research Frontiers: Piecing Together the Mystery of Autism

Kennedy Krieger takes a multifaceted approach to investigating this complex disorder

The Maloni BoysMore than 25,000 children will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders this year a number greater than AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined yet so many aspects of the disorder remain a mystery. Is its cause genetic, environmental, or some combination of factors? Are dietary changes and drugs the best hope for treatment, or should the focus remain solely on behavioral interventions?

Piecing together the Autism Education Puzzle

Families whose children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder typically have a wide range of reactions: sadness, fear, and, for some, relief at having a name for their child's challenges. While they all have drastically different experiences, almost all agree on one thing: there aren't enough educational professionals trained to help their children.

Kennedy Krieger Institute's Dr. Paul Lipkin Selected for Prestigious National Health Policy Fellowship

July 15, 2010
Dr. Paul Lipkin is among six Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

(Baltimore, MD)-The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the nation's largest philanthropy devoted exclusively to improving the health and health care of all Americans, has chosen Dr. Paul Lipkin, Director of Kennedy Krieger Institute's Center for Development and Learning, for a highly coveted National Health Policy Fellowship. As America's health care system enters a period of dramatic change, and the lives of millions are impacted by the nation's health policy, Dr.

Study Provides New Insights into the Implications of Autism Onset Patterns

April 20, 2010
Children with developmental regression at increased risk for more severe autism

(Baltimore, MD) - Kennedy Krieger Institute announced today new study results showing that when and how autism symptoms appear in the first three years of life has vital implications to a child's developmental, diagnostic, and educational outcomes.

Leading Online Autism Registry Empowers Researchers With Access to Data, Study Recruitment

October 5, 2009
Interactive Autism Network Publishes Results from Largest Ever Twin Study, Encourages Researchers to Utilize Registry

(Baltimore, MD) - Kennedy Krieger Institute announced today new study results from the largest ever twin study that confirm the role genetics plays in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), but also suggest that environmental factors play a role. Published in the October issue of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, the study examined concordance rates between identical and fraternal twins, or the likelihood that if one twin has a certain genetic characteristic, the other twin will possess the same characteristic.

Kennedy Krieger Institute Continues to Get Active for Autism Research

March 10, 2010
Annual fundraiser on April 25th raises critical funds during Autism Awareness Month

(Baltimore, MD) - According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the incidence rates of autism, a complex, life-altering, developmental disorder, have risen to 1 in 110 children, making autism the most common developmental disability in the country. Annually, April marks the celebration of Autism Awareness Month, a month used to increase awareness and raise funds for autism.

New Children's Book Teaches"Typical Kids" How to Befriend Children with Autism

February 26, 2009

BALTIMORE, MD - More than ever before, children with autism are being included in classrooms with "typical" children. The increased incidence of the disorder and tightening budgets suggest that nearly every typically-developing school age child will spend time in a classroom, lunchroom, or on a playground alongside a child with autism. Unfortunately, most children will be unprepared and unsure how to engage their new peers.

Nation's Largest Online Autism Research Initiative Launches Research Survey for Grandparents of Children With Autism

October 5, 2009
Interactive Autism Network invites grandparents to share valuable experiences

Baltimore, MD-Since its launch in 2007, the Interactive Autism Network (IAN),, has helped to accelerate the pace of autism research by gathering valuable information online from individuals on the autism spectrum and their parents.

An Autism Diagnosis: Coping, Acceptance & Time are Key to Moving Forward

September 10, 2009
Advice from an expert at Kennedy Krieger

After a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), many parents feel overwhelmed and experience high levels of stress. While this is a very challenging time, there are steps parents can take to accept the diagnosis and move forward. Parents typically want to spring into action to help their child, but taking time for themselves has long term benefits for the entire family.

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