CNCDP Annual Retreat

Held each September, just prior to the Child Neurology Society Annual Meeting, the CNCDP Annual Retreat gathers all CNCND-K12 scholars and mentors to present research and network. Participation is expected.

The 2021 CNCDP Annual Retreat:

September XX-XX, 2021
Boston, MA



CNCDP-K12 “Demystifying the CNCDP-K12 Application Process” Webinar – March 31, 2021


CNCDP-K12 “Rigor and Reproducibility” Webinar – January 27, 2021


CNCDP-K12 “How to Respond to Grant Reviews for Resubmission” Webinar – December 16, 2020


CNCDP-K12 “Closing the Gender Gap: Challenges and Opportunities” Webinar – November 11, 2020


CNCDP-K12 “Tips for a Clinical Research K Proposal” Webinar – July 15, 2020


CNCDP-K12 “Writing Effective K Grants” Webinar – June 30, 2020


CNCDP-K12 “How to Apply to the CNCDP-K12” Webinar – May 20, 2020


CNCDP-K12 “Clinical Research Networks – Making the Most of Participation” Webinar – May 13, 2020


CNCDP-K12 “Specific Aims: How to be Concise” Webinar – April 29, 2020


CNCDP-K12 “Time Management Tips: How to Balance Research and Clinical Care ” Webinar – March 18, 2020


CNCDP-K12 “Career Development” Webinar – January 15, 2020

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