Kennedy Krieger conducted a community health needs assessment (CHNA) based on data and community information collected and shared by multiple partners. Because the majority of patients served by Kennedy Krieger are Maryland residents, with patients representing every Maryland county, Kennedy Krieger views the State of Maryland as the community it serves.

This CHNA targets the needs of children and young adults with developmental disabilities and other disorders in Maryland, as well as their families.

The top five priority areas of need identified through this CHNA are:

  • Capacity building through training and technical assistance of health professionals working with children and youth with developmental disabilities and their families
  • Improving access to care and services for families who encounter barriers related to geography/distance and shortage of providers
  • Advocacy for families and self-advocates through stronger inter-agency, cross-regional partnerships and collaborations
  • Youth transition to adult life: Legal planning and healthcare
  • Environmental influences as barriers to achieving health equity and opportunity

Executive Summary 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment, Kennedy Krieger Institute

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