Protective Mask

Are you or someone you know interested in sewing or buying cloth face masks and donating them to Kennedy Krieger Institute?

We know many in our community want to support our staff members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are asking community members to sew or buy and donate cloth face masks for employees, patients and visitors to wear while on-site at Kennedy Krieger during this crisis.

Please Note: Homemade cloth face masks do not protect the wearer from contracting a respiratory illness, including COVID-19, and homemade cloth face masks will not be used in place of the clinical surgical or N95 masks worn during clinical care. 

To Make and Donate Homemade Cloth Face Masks:

  • Use only cotton fabrics with kid-friendly patterns and colors.

    Do not use plain green or blue cloth, as homemade cloth face masks in such colors can be confused with clinical surgical masks.
  •  Step-by-Step Instructions:

    For guidance on how to make homemade cloth face masks, please reference the below links:

  • Homemade cloth face masks will be distributed to employees, patients and visitors on-site by representatives of Infection Control.

Interested in donating masks or have a connection to someone who can donate?

Please contact Chelsea Messmer, volunteer coordinator, at, for delivery information or questions. 

We Want to Acknowledge You!

Please include a note with your donations so we can acknowledge you. We appreciate your support!