We know that coming to the hospital can be an overwhelming and stressful experience for your family. We are here to support you before and during your stay to ensure you have the most positive experience possible. There are a few things you can do to help prepare your family member for adjusting to Kennedy Krieger

Talk with your family member about what to expect. 

Ask what he or she is feeling, and talk through any fears or misunderstandings. Help your family member understand that it’s safe to trust the staff at Kennedy Krieger, and that they are there to help.

If possible, visit the hospital before admission. 

By taking a tour of our inpatient unit, patients and families can familiarize themselves with our staff and facilities, which may help to ease anxiety before and after admission.

Ask questions. 

We encourage our patients and families to ask their healthcare providers questions. We suggest you write out your questions in advance and bring them with you.

If possible, let your family member pack his or her bag/suitcase. 

Patients are welcome to bring along some comforting items that may help them cope with being in the hospital.

Ask about our child life specialists. 

Our child life specialists are available to provide suggestions on how to best prepare for the hospital stay. They can also provide you with age-specific educational materials about adjustment and coping. To speak with a child life specialist prior to your hospital visit, please call (443) 923-2630.