Our Mission:

"To transform the lives of children with disorders of the brain through groundbreaking research, innovative treatments, and life-changing education."

 Our Vision:

"Discoveries of how the brain develops and functions are occurring at an accelerating pace. The Kennedy Krieger Institute leads the way in translating these scientific advances into new therapies and educational interventions, while providing an inspirational environment for training tomorrow's leaders in the field. These successes benefit millions of children and families around the world."

Our Values:

"We recruit the most talented and compassionate clinicians, scientists, and educators to provide the best care and family support. Our approach is child-family centered and interdisciplinary, to ensure that children with conditions affecting the nervous system have access to all the resources they need—treatments, education, and community programs to achieve ever better outcomes."

An Original Vision

Kennedy Krieger’s tradition of improving the lives of children with neurological disorders dates back to 1937, when Winthrop Phelps, MD, an orthopedic surgeon from Baltimore, responded to a dire need for treatment for individuals with cerebral palsy. He founded the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute, the first treatment facility in the country dedicated solely to children with cerebral palsy. The Institute was renamed the Kennedy Institute in 1968 in memory of President John F. Kennedy, who enacted the Medical Training Act during his administration, to protect the rights and improve the lives of persons with disabilities. In 1992, the name was changed again to Kennedy Krieger Institute to honor original board member and long-time supporter, Zanvyl Krieger.

A Relentless Pursuit

More than eighty years after its founding, the Kennedy Krieger Institute has evolved into an international resource for children with diverse brain-related disorders, from mild learning disabilities to rare genetic disorders. Thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families come to Kennedy Krieger to receive the best possible medical care, schooling, community initiatives, and benefits of leading edge research available. Individuals the world over have improved outcomes thanks to discoveries made and treatments implemented at Kennedy Krieger. Each year, several hundred graduates and post-graduates on their way to becoming practicing professionals in this field, also receive exemplary training at Kennedy Krieger and go on to improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities worldwide.

Kennedy Krieger is committed to improving the lives of children and adolescents with disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and musculoskeletal system, either of congenital onset or acquired through injury or illness. Its focus on pediatric brain disorders, interdisciplinary treatment, ground-breaking research, and application of specific and proven therapies are what make Kennedy Krieger world-renowned.