Kennedy Krieger In the News, 2022

(updated 3-28-2022)

The Atlantic: The Pandemic After the Pandemic, 3/11/22

Dr. Laura Malone, co-director of Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation Clinic, shares insights about long COVID in children and the latest research on it. Read the story.

The Everymom: It’s Been 2 Years of Pandemic Parenting and I Have So Many Questions About My Child’s Development, 3/10/22

Dr. Paul Lipkin, developmental pediatrician, answers questions about childhood development during the pandemic. Here’s the story.

ABC Baltimore: Local Doctor and Patient Featured on ABC’s The Good Doctor, 3/7/22

Dr. Jacqueline Harris, pediatric neurologist, recently served as a medical consultant for an episode of “The Good Doctor,” and provided advice about Kabuki syndrome. The episode also starred Mathew Horner, a Kennedy Krieger patient. See their interview with ABC.

NBC Baltimore: Bennett Blazers Helps Athletes Make Their Paralympic Dreams Come True, 3/4/22

Former Bennett Blazer Noah Grove heads to the Paralympics to compete with Team USA’s sled hockey. In Baltimore, current Blazers compete in their own match-ups. Watch the action.

NRV News: Bill Introduced to Aid with Long COVID, 3/2/22

Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia introduced legislation to provide more resources for people with long COVID. Dr. Laura Malone and Amanda Morrow, co-directors of Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation Clinic, worked with the senator on this legislation. Read more.

Baltimore’s Child: Rare Disease Day Q&A with Dr. Erika Augustine, 2/28/22

Dr. Erika Augustine, associate chief science officer and director of the Clinical Trials Unit, explains what a rare disease is and how researchers at Kennedy Krieger look for causes and treatments. See the interview.

FOX Baltimore: Rare Disease Awareness Day, 2/28/22

Dr. Jacqueline Harris, pediatric neurologist, explains why Rare Disease Day is recognized. Watch here.

NBC Baltimore: Medical Alert: Rare Disease Day Is Feb. 28, 2/27/22

In recognition of Rare Disease Day, Dr. Mahim Jain discusses rare diseases and how common they really are. Watch the story.

Baltimore Business Journal: Largest Health Care Systems in Greater Baltimore, 2/25/22

Kennedy Krieger is named one of the largest health care systems in metropolitan Baltimore. See the listings.  

The Frederick News-Post: ‘Definitely Ready’: A More Veteran Leader, Urbana Grad Noah Grove Hopes to Help U.S. Para Hockey Win Gold Again, 2/24/22

Team USA sled hockey player Noah Grove talks about his return to the Paralympics as the hockey team prepares to defend their gold medal. Here’s what he said.

Mother Jones: Anti-Vaxxers Have a New Obsession: Keeping Your Kids From Seeing Their Doctors, 2/22

Dr. Paul Lipkin, developmental pediatrician, explains Learn the Signs. Act Early., a public health campaign that helps parents talk to their child’s pediatrician about childhood development. Read more.

Southern Maryland News: Regional Superintendents Talk with Legislators, 2/23/22

Dr. Nancy Grasmick, president of Kennedy Krieger’s board of directors, shares the Institute’s hope of bringing an educational center to Southern Maryland. Read the story.

NBC Washington: D.C. Area Paralympians Prepare for Winter Games, 2/18/22

The Paralympics are coming, and former Bennett Blazer Noah Grove prepares to play again with Team USA sled hockey. Here’s how he is getting ready.

The Bump: CDC and AAP Have Updated Their Guidelines for Developmental Milestones, 2/15/22

Dr. Paul Lipkin, developmental pediatrician, discusses Learn the Signs. Act Early., a public health campaign that explains early childhood milestones and how parents can talk about them with pediatricians. Learn more.

Motherly: CDC and AAP Just Changed Developmental Guidelines for the First Time in Decades, 2/11/22

What do parents need to lnow about the revisions to Learn the Signs. Act Early.? A Kennedy Krieger pediatrician weighs in. Read the story.

The Washington Post: Developmental Milestones Just Changed for the First Time in Years, 2/10/22

A parenting columnist interviews Dr. Paul Lipkin, developmental pediatrician, about the new changes to Learn the Signs. Act Early. Find out more.

Disability Scoop: CDC Revises Developmental Milestones for Young Kids, 2/10/22

Learn the Signs. Act Early. is a public health campaign that includes developmental milestones recently revised and updated with the help of one Kennedy Krieger pediatrician. Read this update.

Telemundo Washington: Especialista local cuenta cómo cuidar de tu salud mental durante la pandemia, 2/7/22

In this interview, conducted in Spanish, Dr. Carmen López-Arvizu, psychiatrist, explains the barriers to mental health care in the Hispanic community. Watch her interview

The Guardian: ‘The Scariest Thing’: The Children Living with Long COVID, 2/2/22

Dr. Laura Malone, co-director of Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation Clinic, details what physicians know at this point about long COVID in children. Read the story. The Kids Are Not Alright: Data Suggests 10% of Children with COVID-19 Become ‘Long Haulers,’ 1/22/22

Dr. Amanda Morrow, co-director of Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation Clinic, describes what long COVID looks like in children. Learn more.

WYPR: Midday with Tom Hall Features Dr. Brad Schlaggar, 1/19/22

Kennedy Krieger’s president and CEO Dr. Brad Schlaggar discusses the ways that COVID has impacted children and what communities can do in response. Listen to his interview.

FOX Baltimore: Supporting Young Patients with Online Learning, 1/6/22

Dr. Lisa Jacobson, director of research for the Department of Neuropsychology, discusses the challenges with online learning faced by kids with chronic medical conditions or special education needs, and she offers a few solutions. Watch the story.

The Daily Record: Kennedy Krieger, UMB Get $2.9M Grant for Antiracist, Trauma-Informed Training, 1/5/22

Staff from Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress spearheads a new initiative to train service providers across the state in trauma-informed care. Read more.

CBS Baltimore: Elkridge Junk Removal Service Finds Toy Stockpile, Donates Them To Baltimore Children’s Hospital, 12/21/21

Kennedy Krieger’s patients and students were the beneficiaries of an amazing act of kindness after a junk removal company happened upon a treasure trove of toys. Read this good news story.

SerPadres: Los Niños con Autismo Tienen el Doble de Probabilidades de Tener Pensamientos Suicidas, 12/21/21

De acuerdo a un estudio publicado recientemente de Kennedy Krieger, los niños con autismo podrían tener el doble de probabilidades de tener pensamientos suicidas, muchísimo más de lo que se creía hasta ahora. Enlace.

FOX Baltimore: Supporting Youth Mental Health, 12/21/21

More children and teens are experiencing mental health issues as the result of the pandemic, and Dr. John Campo, vice president of Psychiatric Services, discusses the problem and how parents can help. Watch the interview.

Verywell Family: Kids Diagnosed with Autism Are Twice As Likely to Have Suicidal Thoughts, 12/15/21

Dr. Suzanne Rybczynski, associate chief medical officer, shares her recent research about suicidal ideation in children, including kids with autism spectrum disorder. Learn about this.

Baltimore Business Journal: Leaders in Health Care, Dr. Jacqueline Stone, 12/10/21

Congratulations to Dr. Jacqueline Stone, chief clinical officer, who was named a 2021 Leader in Health Care by the Baltimore Business Journal, which recognized her advocacy on behalf of the Institute’s patients and families. Here’s the story.

AP News: HJF Administering Study Seeking to Expand Specialized Care Across the Military Health System, 12/10/21

Kennedy Krieger Institute recently received a grant to investigate how telehealth can be used to train pediatricians treating children with special needs to better understand their unique requirements. Find out more.

Association of American Medical Colleges: ‘Scary and confusing’: When kids suffer from long COVID-19, 12/9/21

Dr. Laura Malone, co-Director of Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation Clinic, shares the ways that long COVID can impact children. Read the story.

Neuroscience News: Youth with Autism Should Be Screened for Abnormal Cholesterol Levels, 12/7/21

New research from Kennedy Krieger reveals a prevalence of abnormal cholesterol levels in families with two or more children with autism spectrum disorder. The results prompted a new health recommendation for children. Learn more.

ABC Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Institute's Festival of Trees begins on Friday, 11/24/21

Michele Mueller, director of special events, provides a preview of this year’s Festival of Trees, and shares how the Institute innovated this beloved holiday event to be both pandemic safe and fun. Watch her interview.

CBS Baltimore: Festival Of Trees Returns This Holiday Season, 11/23/21

Local designers show off their festive creations for Festival of Trees, and reveal the inspiration behind them. See the trees.

NBC Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees Returns Virtually, 11/22/21

Dr. Brad Schlaggar, president and CEO, provides a preview of Festival of Trees and shares why it is so important that this event continues, in a hybrid style, despite the pandemic. Check out the interview.

Baltimore Business Journal: Kennedy Krieger’s Festival of Trees Is Going Virtual Again, 11/20/21

The beloved event is back: Festival of Trees returns and Kennedy Krieger staff explains what to expect and how the event has turned into a COVID-safe affair. Read more.

FOX Baltimore: A Doctor Answers Key Questions About COVID-19 and the Vaccine, 11/10/21

Kids under age 12 are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, and Dr. Brad Schlaggar, president and CEO, explains why getting one is essential to their health and the health of their family. Hear what he says.

JMORE: Baltimore’s Business & Professional Leaders, Orlee Kahn, 11/2/21

Meet Orlee Kahn, Kennedy Krieger’s planned giving director, who explains her work and why she is so passionate about it. Read the interview.

Baltimore’s Child: Bullying, Know the Signs and How to Prevent It, 10/30/21

Dr. Rashida Barner, child psychologist, explains the signs of bullying, both in person and online, and shares what parents can do to help their child recover from an incident of bullying. See the segment.

NBC National News: Family Advocates for Mental Health Resources Amid High Latino Depression Rates, 10/28/21

Dr. Carmen López-Arvizu describes the ways the pandemic has uniquely affected the Hispanic community as well as other barriers to mental health care that Latinos face. Watch here. The story also ran in Spanish on Telemundo. Watch it in Spanish.

Washington Family: Tips for an Autism-Friendly Halloween, 10/28/21

Dr. Matt Edelstein, child psychologist, advises parents of children with autism to prepare for Halloween events the best they can, but also have an escape plan if the activities start to overwhelm their child. Read his advice.

FOX Baltimore: The Often-Overlooked Toll Covid Is Taking on Children, 10/24/21

Dr. Brad Schlaggar, president and CEO, talks about the ways that COVID has affected children, including children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Watch the interview.

JMORE: Kennedy Krieger Develops Cutting-Edge Technology to Help Diagnose Autism, 10/13/21

Dr. Stewart Mostofsky, director of Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Neurodevelopmental and Imaging Research, details how Kinect Xbox motion-tracking technology can be used to help diagnose autism spectrum disorder and what’s next for his research in this area. Learn more.

CBS Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Clinic Treats Patients with Long COVID Who Are Still Dealing with Effects from the Virus, 10/12/21

Kennedy Krieger patient Hannah Larson describes how long COVID affected her and explains the treatment she received at Kennedy Krieger that helped her return to the daily activities of her daily life. Watch her story.

NBC Baltimore: SECU Day of Kindness Treats Front-Line Workers in Baltimore, 10/11/21

Workers from SECU credit union, a supporter of Kennedy Krieger Institute, helped Kennedy Krieger beat the Monday blahs when they served bagels to hundreds of our staff members one morning as part of their month-long campaign to spread kindness. Watch this good news story.

FOX Baltimore: Spotting the Warning Signs of Bullying and How to Talk to Children About the Issue, 10/11/21

October is National Bullying Awareness Month and Dr. Daniel Hoover, a clinical child and adolescent psychologist with the Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress, explains the signs of bullying and offers tips for addressing the topic with children. Watch the segment.

NBC Baltimore: Team Kennedy Krieger Prepares for the Baltimore Running Festival, 10/9/21

Team Kennedy Krieger hand cyclists hit the C&D Trail to participate in this year’s Baltimore Running Festival in a COVID-safe manner. Hand cycling has “given me a new attitude and a new lease on life,” longtime racer Jerry Sersen says. Here’s what else he shared.

The Atlantic: A Peer-Reviewed Portrait of Suffering, 10/6/21

Two parents, who help patients recover from disease or injury, share their daughter’s own journey of recovery after a traumatic brain injury. Read more.

The Washington Post: As Students with Long-Haul COVID Return to School, Many Districts Don’t Fully Know How to Help, 10/3/21

Nurses from Kennedy Krieger’s Specialized Health Needs Interagency Collaboration help school staff recognize the symptoms of long COVID and develop learning accommodations for the long COVID patients who need them. This is the latest way that the Institute’s team is helping to identity and treat long COVID in children and teens. Learn about this work.

FOX Baltimore: Doctor Shares Insight on Suicide and Suicide Prevention, 10/4/21

Dr. John Campo, vice president of Psychiatric Services, shares some of the latest research on suicide prevention as well as suicide prevention tools. Watch the story.

CBS Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Hosts Conference Aimed at Identifying Trauma in Children, 9/30/21

Danielle Gregg, director of training for Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress, provides an overview of the center’s two-day conference on trauma and why it was so important for the event to address the concurrent struggles of the pandemic, ongoing violence, and systemic racism. Here’s the interview.

ABC Baltimore: 8-Year-Old Battles Post-COVID Syndrome, 9/29/21

Dr. Brad Schlaggar, president and CEO, and Dr. Amanda Morrow, co-director of the Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation Clinic, explain the work of the clinic and the effects of long COVID on children in this story about the recovery of an 8-year-old girl. Find out more.

NBC Baltimore: New Research: More Than a Third of COVID-19 Patients Become ‘Long Haul’ Cases, 9/29/21

Chloe Devore, a patient at Kennedy Krieger, describes her recovery from long COVID in this story which includes information about the latest research on post-acute COVID-19. Watch here.

FOX Baltimore: Concussion Symptoms and Treatment During Fall Sports Season, 9/29/21

Dr. Beth Slomine, co-director of the Center for Brain Injury Recovery, identifies concussion symptoms and discusses what parents should do if they think their child has a concussion. See the story.

WYPR, On the Record: Pediatric COVID Cases Surge, 9/20/21

Dr. Bradley Schlaggar is a pediatric neurologist, and president and CEO of Kennedy Krieger Institute. Here, he discusses COVID, the rise in pediatric cases, and how we can prevent another surge.  Listen to the interview.

Chesapeake Family: Talking to Kids about Guns and Gun Safety, 8/27/21

Gun violence has increased during the pandemic and Dr. Abena Brown-Elhillali, a psychologist with Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress, goes over the ways that parents can handle this tough topic with their children. Here’s the podcast.

WGN-TV Chicago, The Concern Over Long Haul COVID in Kids and Teens, 8/23/21

Dr. Laura Malone, co-director of Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Clinic, provides an update on long COVID as well as what clinicians know about children and the illness. Watch her interview.

FOX Baltimore, Back to School and IEPs, 8/22/21

Maureen van Stone, director for the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities, explains what an IEP is and why a child might need one. Click here.

Chesapeake Family: Paralympians Get Their Start at Kennedy Krieger, 8/20/21

Let’s talk about the Paralympics! On this podcast episode for parents, Gwena and Gerry Herman, co-founders of Bennett Blazers, chat about this adaptive sports program for kids and share stories about the four Paralympians who were once Blazers. Watch or listen.

NBC Baltimore, Peace of Mind: Anxiety for Children Returning to School, 8/15/21

Dr. Kristi Phillips, a psychologist with Kennedy Krieger’s Child and Family Therapy Clinic, details the ways that anxiety can affect a child who is nervous about returning to school and the ways that families can respond. See the interview.

FOX Baltimore, Managing Your Child’s Emotions Ahead of Back to School, 8/15/21

The return to school can set off a range of emotions in children, says Anna Ditkoff Dorsey, a clinical social worker, who discusses the feelings kids might experience. Find out what she says.

NBC Baltimore, Back to School Presents Uncertainty for Some Children, 8/15/21

Uncertainty around the school year remains as the pandemic continues, and Dr. Souraya Torbey, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, relays how children may react to this. Learn more.

FOX News, CDC: Kids’ Long COVID Often Involves Fatigue, Headaches, 8/10/21

Dr. Laura Malone and Dr. Amanda Morrow, co-directors of Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Clinic, discuss long COVID and its treatment. Read the story.

CBS Miami, Doctors Learn More About Long COVID in Pediatric Patients, 8/9/21

Dr. Laura Malone, a pediatric neurologist, explains the symptoms of long COVID in children. Learn more.

WQNX-Radio, Los Angeles, More Kids With Long COVID Symptoms, 8/9/21

Dr. Laura Malone, co-director of Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Clinic, offers insights into long COVID and its incidence in children. Listen to the interview.

FOX Baltimore, Determining Whether Your Child Has a Learning Disorder, 8/8/21

What’s a learning disorder, and how do you know if your child has one? Dr. Gwendolyn Gerner, research scientist and neuropsychologist, explains the symptoms as well as what they mean for a child’s overall learning. Click here.

NBC Baltimore, Back to School Anxiety, 8/8/21

Psychiatrist Dr. Carmen Lopez-Arvizu provides parents with tips to help children anxious about returning to school this year. Watch the story.

Baltimore Sun: One Year after Deadly Blast, Lebanese Doctors in Baltimore Area Wear Invisible Scars, 8/4/21

Child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Souraya Torbey surveyed hundreds of Lebanese ex-patriots after last year’s explosion in Beirut. She and other researchers discovered some unexpected findings about traumatic stress. Learn more.

New York Times, ‘This Is Really Scary’: Kids Struggle With Long COVID, 8/8/21

What does long COVID look like in children? Two Kennedy Krieger physicians and a patient family share their experiences with the illness. Read the story.

FOX Baltimore, Dealing with ADHD Ahead of Going Back to School, 8/1/21

How does ADHD affect learning? Dr. Alison Pritchard, co-director of the department of neuropsychology at Kennedy Krieger, shares insights on the topic. Watch the interview.

FOX Baltimore, Talking to Kids About Violence in the World, 7/25/21

Violence has increased during the pandemic, and Dr. Abena Brown-Elhillali, a clinical psychologist with Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress, explains how parents can talk about this difficult topic with children. Here’s her advice.

U.S. News & World Report. For Kids with Long COVID, Collective Help Can Be Hard to Find, 7/13/21

Treating long COVID involves a multi-disciplinary approach to the illness, says Dr. Laura Malone, co-director of Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Clinic. Learn more.

FOX Baltimore, Spinal Cord Injuries, 6/8/21

Dr. Rebecca Martin, manager of clinical education and training at the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury, discusses the safety tips that swimmers need to keep in mind this summer. Watch the interview.

Healthy Debate (Canada): Some young adults feeling long-term effects from mild cases of COVID-19 6/3/21

Dr. Amanda Morrow and Dr. Laura Malone, co-directors of Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Clinic, discuss how symptoms of long COVID present in children and adolescents. Read the story.

FOX Baltimore: Talking to Your LGBTQ Child, 6/1/21

Dr. Kathryn Van Eck, clinical psychologist, provides tips for parents to support their LGBTQ+ child, particularly after immediately coming out. Watch the interview.

The Aegis: Abingdon Resident Tyler Bloom, 14, Blossomed at Adaptive Sports Program at Kennedy Krieger, 5/28/21

As a preschooler, Tyler Bloom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He recovered at Kennedy Krieger Institute and continues to grow and build strength through Institute programs, such as Adaptive Sports. Read about him here.

Comcast Newsmakers: Kennedy Krieger Institute with Lisa Nickerson, 5/28/21

Lisa Nickerson, Assistant Vice President for Marketing, Communications and Public Relations, talks about the impact of the pandemic on Kennedy Krieger’s services and how the Institute’s team of clinicians and researchers pivoted to serve patients and students over the past year. Watch the interview.

Eureka Alert: NIH awards $4.7m to Kennedy Krieger Institute researcher for movement learning study 5/25/21

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded Dr. Amy Bastian, the Institute’s Chief Science Officer and Director of the Motions Analysis Laboratory, $4.7 million to support a study examining movement learning mechanisms and how this process is affected by brain damage. Learn more.

CBS Baltimore: Vaccine Clinic, Kennedy Krieger’s Free, Drive-Through Vaccine Clinic Reaches the Disability Community, 5/23/21

This story, which includes vaccine outreach efforts throughout Maryland, shares how clinicians at Kennedy Krieger created a sensory-friendly, drive-through clinic specifically for the disability community. Find out about the clinic.

FOX Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger’s ROAR for Kids Fundraiser, 5/13/21

Michele Mueller, Director of Special Events at Kennedy Krieger Institute, describes this year’s ROAR for Kids 2021 fundraiser, what’s new for participants, and how families can get involved. Watch this interview.

CBS Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Institute’s ROAR for Kids Fundraiser Goes Virtual, 5/12/21

Landon Brown, 10, is an all-around all-star as an athlete with the Institute’s Bennett Blazers program and a ROAR participant and fundraiser. Here he talks about his involvement in both.

FOX Baltimore: People with Disabilities and the COVID-19 Vaccine, 5/11/21

Maureen van Stone, the director of the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD) at Kennedy Krieger Institute, shares some of the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created for people with disabilities. She also discusses a free, drive-through vaccine clinic that the Institute is offering the disability community. Learn more.

FOX Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program, 5/5/21

Kennedy Krieger Institute is seeking therapeutic foster care parents, and Paul Brylske, director of the Institute’s program, explains how the program works. Find out about the program.

NBC Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Studies Lasting Effects of Brain Injuries on Children, 4/25/21

Kennedy Krieger researchers continue to work on a study of brain health after a concussion.  Dr. Stacy Suskauer, co-director of the Center for Brain Injury and Recovery, explains what they have learned and what they hope to find out. Here’s what she says about the work.

ABC Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Institute Operates Clinic Dedicated to Kids Coping with Long-Lasting Covid Symptoms, 4/16/21

Miya Walker, a teenager with long COVID, shares how it has impacted her life and how Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Clinic has helped her recover. Watch the interview.

Capital News Service: A Look at a Family’s Journey Adopting Amid a Pandemic, 4/14/21

The pandemic’s upheaval also affects foster care. In this story, one family in Kennedy Krieger’s Therapeutic Foster Care program shares their experience as well as information about the program itself. Read the story here.

NBC Baltimore: Autism Acceptance Month, 4/12/21

April is Autism Acceptance Month, and Dr. Rebecca Landa, founder and director of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), explains what autism is, how to recognize the signs of autism, and information about an upcoming webinar for families. Here’s more information.

Baltimore’s Child: Sports and Children with ADHD, 4/9/21

Sports can be beneficial for all children, including children with ADHD, says Gerry Herman, director of the Bennett Institute for Physically Challenged Sports Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute. In this article, he shares tips for a choosing a sport for a child with ADHD.

The Washington Post: These Children Had COVID-19. Now, They Have Long Haul Symptoms, 3/18/21

The number of children with lingering COVID-19 symptoms is growing, and physicians explain what they know about this condition. Read the story.

CBS Baltmore: ‘I Just Want to Be Back to Normal,’ Maryland Teen Shares Her Struggles with Long Covid, 3/10/21

Chloe Devore describes her recovery from the symptoms of long COVID, as Dr. Laura Malone, a pediatric neurologist, explains how Kennedy Krieger is helping children with long COVID. Watch their interviews.

NBC Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Institute Helps Kids in Need of Therapy after COVID-19 Diagnosis, 3/8/21

Dr. Amanda Morrow, rehabilitation physician, provides information about the Institute’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Clinic, and patient Chloe Devore shares her journey to recovery. Watch the story.

ARLNow: Arlington Family Raises $400K to Research Cure for Daughter’s Disease, 3/8/21

Twelve-year-old Ellie McGinn and her family led an effort to raise $400,000 for LBSL research at Kennedy Krieger’s Moser Center for Leukodystrophies. Read about their effort.

Fox Baltimore: Brain Injury Awareness Month, 3/6/21

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and Dr. Stacy Suskauer, director of the Center for Brain Injury Recovery, discusses the warning signs of a brain injury, prevention tips and ways that injuries are treated. Watch the interview.

The Daily Record: Kennedy Krieger Raises $400K for Moser Center, 3/4/21

A Cure for Ellie, a foundation focused on finding a cure for a rare disease known as LBSL, raised $400,000 for medical research at Kennedy Krieger’s Moser Center for Leukodystrophies. Read more.

Spectrum News: Black autism researchers weigh in on field’s past, future, 3/3/21

Dr. Constance Smith-Hicks, medical director for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, recalls a career influence and shares her hopes for the next generation of researchers. Read her remarks.

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt: Inside Clinic Studying Lingering Effects of COVID in Children, 3/2/21

Dr. Amanda Morrow, rehabilitation physician, discusses long COVID symptoms in children and the ways they are being treated at the Institute’s Pediatric Post-COVID-19 Clinic. Watch the story.

Fox Baltimore: Transitioning Students Back to School, 3/1/21

As many children return to the classroom for the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, they may experience a range of emotions. Social worker Anna Ditkoff Dorsey explains how families can cope with this transition. Watch the interview.

The Business Monthly: Kennedy Krieger Gets Largest Single Contributions in Institute History, 2/15/21

Two modest but longtime supporters of Kennedy Krieger bequeathed a total of $6.6 million to the Institute, a reflection of a recent trend of women and giving. Read the story.

ABC Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Receives $6.6 million in donations, 2/11/21

Two women who gave a total of $6.6 million to Kennedy Krieger after their deaths are highlighted in this story. Learn more.

Education Week: Should Schools Become Vaccination Sites for Everyone? 2/4/21

This article in Education Week examines the role that schools can play in public health— and the greater community. Dr. Harolyn Belcher, vice president, chief diversity officer, and director of the Office for Health, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, weighs in on the issue. Read the article.

Fox Baltimore: Children’s Mental Health Week, 2/4/21

What are the ways the pandemic has affected the mental health of children and teens? Social worker Anna Ditkoff Dorsey shares some examples and provides tips for coping during an uncertain time. Here’s the interview.

Fox Baltimore: COVID-19 Vaccine Necessity for People with Disabilities, 1/30/21

Dr. S. Ali Fatemi, chief medical officer, explains why it is so important for people with disabilities, and those who care for them, receive a COVID-19 vaccination. Watch the interview.

NBC Baltimore: Baltimore Man with Autism Learns Broadcasting Skills through Kennedy Krieger Program, 1/24/21

John Good, a Project SEARCH intern, describes what it was like to create a podcast as part of a 10-month internship he completed at Kennedy Krieger. Hear what John has to say.

Fox Baltimore: Children and Mental Health in the New Year, 1/24/21

Dr. Carmen Lopez-Arvizu, medical director of the Psychiatric Mental Health Program, talks about the importance of mental health awareness for children and teens, and when a family needs to talk to a mental health professional. Here’s the interview.

NBC Baltimore: Isolation During Pandemic Particularly Tough for Children, Teens, 1/17/21

Dr. Rashida Barner, psychologist, shares ways that parents can help ease their children’s anxiety during the pandemic. Watch the interview.

CBS Baltimore: People with Disabilities Face Greater COVID Risks, 1/12/21

Dr. Bradley Schlaggar, president and CEO, discusses how people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have been affected by COVID-19. Find out more.

Afro: Kennedy Krieger Creates Winter Wonderland, 12/24/20

Kennedy Krieger staff created a special light garden to bring cheer to patients in their Pediatric Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. Here’s the story.

Spectrum News: Co-Occurring Psychiatric Conditions Put Autistic People at Risk for Self-Harm, 12/11/2020

Autistic people are at greater risk for self-harm and suicide, but a new study says that often is because of underlying psychiatric conditions, such as anxiety, depression or schizophrenia. Dr. Paul Lipkin, director of medical outpatient services, explains to readers what that means. Read the story here.

WYPR FM: The Puzzle of Lingering Covid Symptoms, 12/10/2020

Dr. Melissa Trovato, director of rehabilitation, discusses symptoms of long Covid in children and shares information about Kennedy Krieger’s Pediatric Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Clinic. Find out more.

JAMA Pediatrics: COVID-19 Pandemic Health Disparities and Pediatric Health Care—The Promise of Telehealth, 12/7/2020
In this opinion piece, Dr. Deepa Menon and Dr. Harolyn Belcher make the point that telehealth is one way to bridge disparities in the health care offered to children across the country. 

CBS Baltimore: Festival of Trees Raises Festival of Trees Raises Over $650K For Kennedy Krieger Programs, 12/2/2020

Kennedy Krieger transformed its iconic holiday celebration, Festival of Trees, into a three-day virtual celebration this year and raised more than $650,000. Watch the segment.

Baltimore Sun: Columbia Family Pitches In to Help Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees, 11/26/2020

Jennifer Whiddon, the mother of a former Kennedy Krieger patient, discusses how she become involved in Festival of Trees and how she made her baseball-themed wreaths for this year’s event. Read what she has to say.

Frederick News-Post: Trees of Hope: Linganore High Teachers Design Christmas Tree for Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees, 11/25/2020

Two Linganore High School teachers continue a years-long tradition of designing a tree for Festival of Trees, highlighting the event’s reach across the state. Here’s their story.

WLIF FM: The Spotlight On Maryland Is on Kennedy Krieger Institute, 11/23/2020

Linda Schaefer Cameron, vice president of philanthropy, discusses the ways that Kennedy Krieger continues to serve patients in 2020 and what Festival of Trees will be like this year. Listen to the story.

98 Rock FM: Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees, 11/20/2020

Michele Mueller, director of special events, explains how Kennedy Krieger staff transformed its iconic event, Festival of Trees, into a safe and family-friendly virtual event. Listen to her remarks.

Baltimore’s Child: Understanding Depression and Disability in Children, 11/17/2020

Dr. Carmen López-Arvizu, medical director of Kennedy Krieger Institute’s psychiatric mental health program, discusses the risk of depression in adolescents with disabilities. Learn more here.

The New York Times: At 12, She’s a Covid ‘Long Hauler,’ 10/22/2020

Physicians now understand that “long Covid,” or lingering physical ailments after a bout of Covid-19, also can affect children. Here, Dr. Melissa Trovato, director of rehabilitation, talks about the ways that Covid-19 can continue to impact a child’s life and shares information about Kennedy Krieger’s post-Covid-19 rehabilitation clinic. Read the story.

Fox Baltimore: National Disability Employment Awareness Month, 10/18/2020

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and Stacey Herman, director of post-secondary services, discusses its significance, particularly this year. Watch her interview.

NBC Baltimore: Discussing National Bullying Prevention Month with An Expert, 10/4/2020

Even with remote learning, bullying can happen, according to Dr. Rashida Barner, a psychologist at Kennedy Krieger. Dr. Barner explains what bullying looks like online and how it can be prevented. Learn more.

PSYCOM: Tell Me All I Need to Know About LGBTQ+ Youth and Suicide, 9/30/2020

Teens are a stressed group, says psychologist Dr. Kathryn Van Eck, and this is particularly true for LGBTQ+ youth, who can be at greater risk for suicide. She offers both tips and resources for teens and their parents. Read the story.

Fox Baltimore: Hats and Horses, 9/22/2020

Hats and Horses went online this year for a virtually good time and a successful night of fundraising for the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury. Watch the segment.

CBS Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Institute Helps Patients Fight Sickle Cell Anemia, 9/21/2020

Dr. Eboni Lance, the medical director at Kennedy Krieger’s neuro-developmental clinic, discusses what sickle cell anemia is and how it affects children. Watch the segment.

Fox Baltimore: Covid-19 and Mental Health, 9/20/2020

Dr. Luke Kalb discusses the ways the coronavirus pandemic has affected mental health and what kids and parents can do about that. Find out more

Baltimore Business Journal: Kennedy Krieger Opens Spinal Cord Injury Center in Howard County, 9/15/2020

Kennedy Krieger opened a second location of its International Center for Spinal Cord Injury. This one, in Maple Lawn, extends the center’s reach into Howard County and the DMV, where the institute has many patients. Here’s more on the center.

WYPR-FM: Suicide: What to Watch For in Young People, 9/10/2020

Dr. Carmen Lopez-Arvizu, medical director of Kennedy Krieger Institute’s psychiatric mental health program, describes the warning signs for suicide that parents can watch for in children. Listen here for her insights.

CBS Baltimore: Pre-Kindergarten Program for Children with Special Needs Makes Changes to Allow for In-Person Learning, 8/25/2020

Here’s a look at PACT’s Pre-K program, a full-day preschool for children with medical conditions that require daily nursing care and or who have developmental disabilities who require multiple therapies. Like so many programs, its administrators have adapted with the pandemic. Watch the story.

NBC Baltimore: CDC Warns Parents about AFM; Here’s What to Watch For, 8/6/2020

Kennedy Krieger Institute physicians and staff have treated the majority of U.S. children diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis. Dr. Michelle Melicosta, medical director for the inpatient rehabilitation unit, explains the rare illness and what physicians know about it today. Here’s the segment.

Children’s Hospitals Today: Caring for Kids After Covid-19, 8/4/2020

In early July, Kennedy Krieger Institute launched a COVID-19 rehabilitation clinic to help kids with continued symptoms. The clinic includes occupational and physical therapy, speech-language pathology, behavioral health and assistive technology. Find out more.

Carroll County Times: New Windsor Infant with Cerebral Palsy Seeing Positive Results with Telehealth Occupational Therapy, 7/17/2020

Meet Natalie, a 10-month-old Carroll County resident who receives occupational therapy through Kennedy Krieger’s telehealth services. Natalie’s mother, Crystal Dorsey, shares what that experience is like and how her daughter has progressed. Read the story.

FOX 45: Summer Safety Tips: Concussion, 5/30/2020

Dr. Stacy Suskauer, co-director of the Center for Brain Injury Recovery and director of the Brain Clinical Research Center, explains the symptoms of a concussion and what a parent should do if their child has a concussion. Learn more.

CBS Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Receives Nearly $1 Million Grant to Expand Telehealth Services, 5/19/2020

A nearly $1 million grant from the Federal Communications Commission will help Kennedy Krieger provide much-needed therapies and other treatment to the institute’s patients during the pandemic. Watch the story.

ABC Baltimore: Children on the Autism Spectrum Cope with the New Normal of a Pandemic, 5/11/2020

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone’s day-to-day routines. Dr. Daniel Hoover, a clinical child and adolescent psychologist at Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress, discusses how children with autism have reacted to these changes and how parents can help them adapt. Watch the segment.

Baltimore Sun: Distance Learning Can and Does Work for Special Education Students and Their Families, 5/8/2020

In this commentary featured in the Baltimore Sun, Dr. Bradley Schlaggar, president and CEO, and Dr. Nancy Grasmick, board chair, highlight the way that remote education can meet the educational needs of children with disabilities. Read their arguments.

CBS Washington D.C.: Managing Through a Pandemic When Your Child Has Autism, 4/22/2020

April is Autism Awareness Month, and Dr. Daniel Hoover, a clinical child and adolescent psychologist at Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress, provided tips on handing the coronavirus pandemic when your child has autism. Here’s the segment.

NBC Baltimore: Those with Intellectual Disabilities Coping with Change During Stay-Home Order, 4/21/2020

There are multiple ways that people with intellectual disabilities are coping during the coronavirus pandemic. Oscar Martinez, a Project SEARCH intern, shares what life has been like for him. Here’s what he says.

Washington AFRO: COVID-19: What We Must Do for Ourselves and What We Must Do for Others, 4/15/2020

Dr. Harolyn Belcher, chief diversity officer and director of the Office for Health, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, advocates for the ways that members of the Black community can care for themselves during the coronavirus pandemic. Read her commentary.

NBC Baltimore: Helping Children with Intellectual Disabilities Understand Coronavirus, 4/11/2020

How do parents of children with intellectual disabilities explain the coronavirus to them? Dr. Daniel Hoover, a clinical child and adolescent psychologist at Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress, offers these insights. Watch the segment.

CBS Baltimore: Young Girl with Rare Brain Disorder Helps Raise $450K for Kennedy Krieger Institute, 2/28/2020

In honor of Rare Disease Day, an inspiring 11-year-old from Virginia named Ellie McGinn helps to raise $450,000 for research efforts at Kennedy Krieger. Find out more.

Spectrum News: How Abuse Mars the Lives of Autistic People, 2/5/2020

Children with autism face more bullying than their peers, according to research from Dr. Daniel Hoover, a clinical child and adolescent psychologist at Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress. In this comprehensive feature, Dr. Hoover and other experts discuss how prevalent bullying is. Read the story.

Baltimore Sun: Baltimore Violence: ‘Hope and Opportunity’ Can End It, 1/10/2020

In this commentary, Dr. Joan Kaufman, director of research of the Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress, considers ways to reduce the high rates of childhood adversity in cities such as Baltimore. Read her suggestions here.


WBFF-TV: Summer Safety for Kids

Dr. Stacy Suskauer, co-director of Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Brain Injury Recovery, discusses drowning and brain injury prevention, and how parents can help keep their children safe. Watch the segment.

The New York Times: What Should I Do if I Think My Child Has Autism?

Dr. Rebecca Landa is featured and discusses how autism spectrum disorder affects about one in 54 children. An early diagnosis can mean quicker access to the medical, behavioral and social services that a child may need. Read the full article.

The Baltimore Sun: Telehealth and its easier access to medical care should be here to stay

Joanna Burton, neurodevelopmental pediatrician, Jennifer Crockett, director of training of behavioral psychology and Jacqueline Stone, director of clinical programs, authored an op-ed piece in The Baltimore Sun about the importance of telehealth and tele-education services and accessible care for all. Learn more.

CBS Baltimore: Kennedy Krieger Joins Largest Genetic Study Into Autism; Researchers Looking for Families to Participate

Ericka Wodka, a neuropsychologist at the Center for Autism and Related Disorders at Kennedy Krieger, talks to CBS Baltimore about the Institute's participation in SPARK, the largest genetic study of autism in history that aims to help better specialize the treatment and medical care for individuals with autism. Learn more.

FOX Baltimore: Brain Injury Awareness Month

Dr. Stacy Suskauer, co-director of Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Brain Injury Recovery, shares what parents can do to prevent brain injuries this sports season as we mark Brain Injury Awareness Month. Learn more.

WBAL-TV 11: Couple donates thousands of shoes to children with special needs in memory of their son

In honor of what would have been their son, Xavier’s, 10th birthday, a Maryland family donated more than 1,700 pairs of shoes and socks to benefit children with special needs at Kennedy Krieger. Watch their story.

Reuters: More U.S. youth seeking help during psychiatric emergencies

The number of young people visiting U.S. emergency rooms with psychiatric problems is rising, driven largely by a surge in teens and minority youth seeking urgent help for mental illnesses, a new study led by Dr. Luke Kalb suggests. Read more.

ABC Nightline: Doctors race to find out more about polio-like disorder AFM before next wave of illnesses

Four-year-old Camdyn Carr began the fight of his life two months ago at Kennedy Krieger Institute, where he was first diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis (AFM). The Carr family have remained steady in the battle as their child’s body fights a modern day medical mystery that left him mostly paralyzed and nearly killed him. Read Camdyn’s story.

The Baltimore Sun: After a rare disease partially paralyzed a Taneytown boy, his family shares his story to help others

Diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis, a polio-like illness that can bring on sudden paralysis in children, Elijah went from what seemed like a bad cold in late September, to being unable to move is right arm, sit up or lift his head by October. Read how our experts are helping Eli.

The Jewish Times: At 73, Influential Lainy Lebow-Sachs Retires

For the past few years, a rare polio-like illness has been striking otherwise healthy children, often after a mild respiratory illness or fever. Cases of acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, reached record-high numbers in 2018. Follow the rehabilitation journeys of three children and hear from experts at Kennedy Krieger Institute.
Read the article

PBS News Hour: Racing to understand the polio-like illness paralyzing kids

For the past few years, a rare polio-like illness has been striking otherwise healthy children, often after a mild respiratory illness or fever. Cases of acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, reached record-high numbers in 2018. Follow the rehabilitation journeys of three children and hear from experts at Kennedy Krieger Institute.
Watch the video

Science Magazine: Johns Hopkins Medicine & Kennedy Krieger named certified Mitochondrial Medicine Center

Serving as the Center’s Clinical Director, Dr. Hilary Vernon believes the new Mitochondrial Medicine Center – part of the Mitochondrial Care Network – will further the Institute’s mission to offer state-of-the-art medical care to patients and families who are living with Mitochondrial disorders.
Read the article

Baltimore Sun: Paralympic athlete Tatyana McFadden presents Kennedy Krieger trainers with Order of Ikkos Medical

More than two decades after her adoption from a Russian orphanage, Tatyana McFadden, 29, is a Paralympic athlete in wheelchair racing and the winner of seven gold medals. She credits much of her success to two trainers and the co-founders of Kennedy Krieger’s Physically Challenged Sports and Recreation Program, the Bennett Blazers.
Read the article

JMore: Making Headway

In the October issue of JMore, Dr. Suskauer and Dr. Slomine share their experience leading Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Brain Injury Recovery.
Read the article


Spectrum: The Hidden Danger of Suicide in Autism 

Drs. Paul Lipkin and Roma Vasa discuss risks and solutions for suicidal ideation unique to individuals with autism.
Read article


NBC Nightly News: ADHD a biological condition, not just behavioral, new research shows

Dr. Mark Mahone discusses research findings that reveal ADHD is a biological condition.
Watch video


The Hechinger Report: We’ve got to train special education teachers to be leaders as well as educators

Nancy Grasmick discusses the importance of training teachers so they are able to teach all of their students, including those with disabilities. 
Read article


U.S. News & World Report: A Child with ADHD Likely to Have Additional Behavioral Issues, Anxiety

Dr. E. Mark Mahone discusses some of the most common comorbid conditions with ADHD and the importance of early intervention. Read article



WJZ-TV: Kennedy Krieger Aquatic Therapy Helps Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries

Rachel Mertins, a physical therapist at the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury, discusses the benefits of aquatic therapy. 
Watch video


WBFF-TV: Brain and Spine Injury Awareness

Kennedy Krieger's own Rebecca Martin and Dr. Stacy Suskauer discuss the importance of safety measures for avoiding brain and spinal cord injuries. 
Watch video



WJZ-TV: Baltimore Toddler Recovering From Pediatric Stroke

WJZ-TV talks to Dr. Frank Pidcock to learn more about how Kennedy Krieger patient Brooke Wolcott is recovering from a stroke that left her unable to move her left side. 
Watch video


U.S. News & World Report: Are Brains Different for Kids Who Have ADHD?

Dr. E. Mark Mahone offers expertise on the neuroscience of ADHD. 
Read story


The Huffington Post: Prevention is Key to Reduce Spring Concussion Spike

Dr. Stacy Suskauer offers expertise on the seasonal increase in brain injury seen during the spring.
Read story


BBC Two: Life Now with Half a Brain

Dr. Amy Bastian, Chief Scientific Officer, discusses the brain and its plasticity in this BBC Two segment about Jody Graves, a former Kennedy Krieger patient who had half of her brain removed when she was three-years-old. 


WBAL-TV: Stimulating Brain Can Speed Up Concussion Recovery, Doctor Says

Dr. Stacy Suskauer discusses how concussion treatment is changing as more is learned about the way young brains heal. 
Watch video


WBAL-TV: Bennett Blazers Blaze Path for Athletes with Special Needs

Kennedy Krieger’s Bennett Blazers offers kids a sports program and Olive and Willow show there is nothing they can’t do. 
Watch video


Baltimore's Child: Teaching Kids – and Adults - the ABC’s of Affection

Dr. Rebecca Landa and Dr. Kiely Law discuss the challenge that children with special needs have in learning how to give and receive affection at appropriate times.
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Washington Post: To get your kids to listen to you, try writing it all down

Expert from our Center for Autism and Related Disorders talks about why visual aids work.
Read complete article